Sunday, November 22, 2009

I told ya..

Hye again my's life?Hopefully fine and happy enjoying ur durian. Well, as I told on my last entry, I'll update my blog 2/3 mth later...and times up...Err..b4 Im proceeding my new entry, above bloggers can/might see paranormal images..errr..there's screaming woman in tooth pains, bleeding woman plus tooth pains oso and a woman with scissor hand..Horor and terifying me enough..
Sharing with others about my sweet and sour life..Lately Im really enjoy with my sweet son Vladimir(9 mths) because he now can break dance through the Chipmunks music..So adoreable and sweet..later I'll upload his dancing video..(please remind me)..By the way, even my son really expert in dancing(even he can't stand by himself), but one things that makes me much worries..HE CAN'T/DON'T EAT..wahhh..very demanding he only survive by Nenen only..and I wonder how come his wight was up to 9.4kg's..Lucky son...
My dear friends, now I in Xmas mood/mode. Im not exciting to celebrate the Xmas (decorate xmas tree, wraping gift,bla..bla..) but Im just exciting to be together with my lovely homie..but for sure as Catholic to appreciate the day..(truly annoying to whom cbrate the Xmas as Gawai Festive/New Year).
Okey then...c ya..not much things to sahre about..c son in 2-3 mths later..Im in FB mode..hope 2 ol in FB...Daaa...