Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aku Yg Suka Berfoya-Foya (Layannnnn...)

*All d pic below when I was in KL Soul...Berkayo-Kayo is my feveret..(out of idea to update my blog actually, and hope bloggers out there sahring the joy wif my pics..CIAO!

Kayo2 at Buffet Sunway Pyramid (eh.. Fairuz Selamat pon ada)

Kayo2 in Flight

Kayo2 at Bintang Walk

Kayo2 at Golden Horses

Kayo2 2 hunt

Kayo2 wif my Adik

Kayo2 wif Public Phone

Kayo2 dpn grafitti (miss u Sis Mag)

p/s : Kayo2 make me feel good!! Do comments me!! (pic kayo2 at lampu yg Lip Lap x cnt't 2 b upload..18sx ke ats jek..Hikhikhik..)

Wanna possessing in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Weihh...this before I was the number 1 Transformer : The Movie fan. It's actually really great movie that I ever seen before. For the first time I was watch Transformer movie, I not satisfied enough. I had to watch it numerous of time. It gave me a big impact in my life, So excited and impressing. But for the Transformers : REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, I just losting my Transformers soul to watching that movie. Bet why?? When I was moving back to Swak, all of my KL soul just blew away..still left in KL actually..hahaha..In Swak, exciting mood to watching the movie din't in me..don't know why..Too much difference between KL mood and Swak mood..But here, I really exciting to watch transformers DVD (any kind of movie actually even Bollywood movie I layan gak, bt b4 I really anti-Bollywood, Jai-Ho Selama) expecially in Laptop DVD player..too weird right..
Outside there, any blogger(s) as me right now..juz respon me..CIAO!!

Me in Transformers possed, after watching Tranformers: The Movie at Great2x screen Times Square.(2007)

p/s: sori, my pic had to be in this size. Nnt npk semua tatoo2 I!!Hahaha..

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ngiling Bidai (End Of Gawai Festive of the month)

Shalom..Morning and have a nice day..On last Friday I just went home to visit my lovely famili..Then on the next day in my home town Ngiling Bidai, where's its held on Saturday nite at Dewan Masyarakat Rumah Panjai Kitai..hahaha..Hmm..I dun want to miss that Ngiling Bidai..wah..know what? I brought my little son to attended that Ngiling Bidai Nite..and whole of my famili also attended that nite. Huhu..poor my little son, he had to facing the crowded people at there..hek..unfortunately my son really din't like the surrounding area..Yea..too noisy, hot and betul2 tak selesa..Hmm..after took my dinner at there, on 8 o'clock, my husband, my son and I decided to back home early (OMG, my Ngiling Bidai nite was ruined). BTW, for my dearest son I had to fulfill his demand. 1 good news for our famili, on this next Saturday, where Borneo Cultural Festival 2009 will be held at Sibu Town Square, and my mommy participate one of BCF xtvt. She told me this morning.Err..shocking me actually..She was participate in Betabuh. uh..hope that I will attending that nite to give my great2 support to her team mate..wahhh...Gud Luck!! :)
p/s : I cnt upload my Ngiling Bidai tiny trouble..sori

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Poor of them

Uhh..I got noticed that my hubby, my mommy, and my lil sis got cough and flu...Poor of them..And I hope that my son will not inffected by them. Should be quarantin of them. No wonder easy to get flu in this season..Ya..dry carefull with self..Drink water as much as possible..glup..glup..glup..

Monday, June 22, 2009

So long my dear friends

So long and good long and good bye....Bubyeee to Mr Chan Chut and Miss Maria. Both of them will gonna be a teacher. hmm..just wait us...we will follow the journey..believe it???Just believe it..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I want go home!!!

Huhuuhu...actually yesterday I should go back home. I dun want to stay here..stay a million mile from my lovely famili. I just lonesome here. So stressfull..damn!! Every morning when i just awake from my slumber time, there i will got a lots of my hairs was on my pillows. Bet why?? My hairs starting fall..erghh..I got hair fall...!!s***t.
Yesterday i'm trying to contact my mumy to fetch me home. But there, I cant contact her..uhh..Then untill this morning my mumy still not available..uhh..uhh..and uhh.. Wehh..on 9 o'clock this morning I put my way to my ofis..perghh... week I really should to back home!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm back!!!

Wahhhh...Just came back from my home continuing my work life..focusing, surveying,travelling,key in,uhhh..and being a desperate it?
BTW, I din't bring anything Gawai Festive cookies for my collegues..ohh ninie, i just made my promised with you i will bring you some of Gawai cake. But there...Pulun habis wonder, my long house had to celebrate three times Gawai. first Gawai was Gawai Dayak (as well known), second Paranormal Gawai (hahaha..because my famili had to celebrating Gawai to welcoming the Kumang n Keling and the gangs), and the third is Gawai Sandau Ari. Hahh..can you imagine how many times I had to celebrating my Gawai???

Actually i had to return back to my ofis was on 10 of June, and I was breaking the rule..OMG. During my on leave at my long house, I got coughing fever..till now I'm still got that influenzaaaaa..(bukan swine flu a..)

Okie..that's all for today..ciao..!!

p/s: Selama Hepi belated burfday Birthday Gurllll...